Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Love Journal"

Click Here if you want to read about journaling for your kids.

When we were engaged, my sister-in-law Britt suggested that we have a special couple journal where we can write each other little notes and keep a fun record of our marriage.  So, we are still filling up that book I bought 4 years ago :), but it is such a precious treasure to me!  Sometimes for Mother’s Day or my birthday, I’ll find a surprise note from Steve.  Every now and then I'll get it out as we're brainstorming what we want to do for summer or some of our dreams.  It’s also a place where I paste in little memories – like one page of notes Steve took at the pre-birthing class I enrolled us in … or cut outs of our favorite pictures we found while looking through a home decorating magazine... or the cute and supportive note he wrote to me my first day alone with our toddler and new born babe!  Sometimes I write my latest thoughts about life or glue in some recent pictures I ordered from Costco. 

The key is to have this “Love Journal” out somewhere where you can easily see it and access it.  And, I have a spot right next to the journal where I can stack letters and memorabilia that I want to later paste in.  I already love to look through it and I think our kids will also enjoy it someday!  So…

Pick a book
Have it out
Make a stash nearby
And paste it in or write when you can!


  1. Oh I love this idea! Maybe I can give something like this to W and me for Christmas! Thanks Mindy!

  2. Such a sweet idea. My husband and I have actually talked about doing a little journal like this, I really want to do it now.

  3. What does the cover look like? :)

    Thank you. I'm very excited to use these ideas!

  4. It's pretty boring, just a plain black! We just used what we already had. Oh wow, I haven't written in that thing in way too long... thanks for commenting and reminding me :). It's SO much fun to have. Hope you love it!

  5. Beautiful idea! :) Thanks for sharing.