Thursday, April 12, 2012

The BEST Picture Books!

Maybe someday we'll be able to buy all these books :), but until then... We LOVE checking these out from the library and reading at the bookstore.  You're welcome to share some of your favorites!!  Here are some of our favs:

Ok, I just have to add a few more to the post because we went to Barnes & Noble again today.  I checked out some of the books recommended on the wonderful comments and discovered some new ones!  I am so in LOVE with these books:


  1. Some of my favorites:

  2. This one is my son's absolute favorite!

  3. We love many of these books too! But there were some we haven't read here that I'll have to try. And even though we own lots of books, we still love checking books out from the library. It is good for the variety and for teaching kids! However, if there is one book in the world I think you absolutely must buy, it is Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett.I just recently discovered it and immediately bought the set (with the tickle monster gloves-- from Amazon. It is SO adorable. You and your kids will love it, I promise. Plus you get to tickle as you read. What could be better?

  4. We Love "It's Time for Bed" by Mem Fox and Jane Dryer!
    We use to read it to DS as he was having his night time nursing to give the 1st ques of bedtime routine. It's still our favorite 2 yrs later. It's got wonderful, lulling rhythm and amazing watercolor pictures. I also like that it goes through a lot of animals.