Friday, January 18, 2013

Cracker Crumbs & Delicious Dishes

This morning I woke up to "MOMMY!" shrills and I somehow wobbled my sleepy self out of bed to change diapers and begin the day.  As I entered the kitchen, I found two tall cups of spilled juices all over the table and coloring pages now stuck to it!  There are muffin crumbs scattered all over the floor and mountains of dishes.  It's delicious.  I didn't quite squeeze in a shower before the kids woke up but ready or not, here we are!  I just need like 5 more hands :).  I'm not sure which laundry baskets are clean and which ones are dirty since it's almost impossible to put all the loads away.  So, we end up digging through clean clothes and hope to find what we need!  Somehow we'll survive :).  I often dream of when the kids are all tucked in and I can clean the WHOLE house and figure out some super-momish fun things to do.  But then night comes, and I'm usually completely tuckered out!

On days like this I just want to leave on vacation and play with my kids!  But then we'd have to pack up our whole house and then come home and unpack our whole house.  So on second thought, I think Tinkerbell may be our saving grace.  I secretly thoroughly enjoy watching those movies.  

If you too have crumb-covered feet and feel like this...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!  I know you are a rockin' awesome mom who has hard days but somehow knows how to get down on all fours, forget your woes momentarily, and laugh with your kids!  Hmmm... maybe we can rock out to fun music and get everyone to have clean up party.  Or maybe Hailey can "help" me do dishes - she loves doing that.  But eventually, the answer just may be... Tinkerbell :)