Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pete the Cat BIRTHDAY Party!

My kids LOVE Pete the Cat books, so we had a Pete party for Hailey 2nd Birthday!  This website had super cute ideas (the first three pictures).  They went ALL out, and that kind of birthday party would totally stress me out to the max and cost a fortune, but you can check it out to get ideas :).  I just read the book "I Love My White Shoes" and when Pete stepped in the strawberries, we ate STRAWBERRIES.  When Pete stepped in the blueberries, we ate BLUEBERRIES.  When Pete stepped in the mud, we ate BROWNIES.  When Pete stepped in the water, we drank mini WATER BOTTLES.  It was fun and simple!!  My little Hailey is now 2, even though she tells every one she's "Five" :)  I adore that little lady of mine.

Here's the author telling the story live:

And here's our simple party :)