Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet "Sharie"

Do you ever feel like all you are doing is telling your kids to stop yelling, stop hitting, stop making messes...?  When I get distracted I find that I'm only intervening and giving attention when they are misbehaving.

We don't have to read a parenting book to know that telling them what they CAN DO and praising the positive usually is more effective.  So meet "Sharie" our Melissa & Doug cheerleader puppet who only comes out when we see the kids "sharing" or doing something great!!  She cheers and dances and gets super excited as she praises the children for ... when they do share, use their kind words, clean up their rooms, help a friend...  We all love to feel appreciated and encouraged, right?!  

Brayden and Hailey love Sharie and get so giddy every time she comes out!!  Haha!  It's hilarious.  Just an idea in case you feel the need to have more "Positive Discipline" - I love that book.  And I love Sharie.