Sunday, February 3, 2013

They Are Watching Us :)

I'm amazed at how these cute little people of mine just want to be like Mom and Dad - to do exactly what we do and be all "grown up."  I'm sure not done growing yet - still have so many things to learn and re-learn every day, but... I do believe strongly in the power and influence we have as parents.  

It's okay, if you feel down and discouraged when you have tantrums alongside your child's tantrum... you're are not alone.  If you feel funny that you shoved your children apart from each other to try to "teach" them to be soft and kind :).  If you with frustration tell them to "BE PATIENT" when you've completely run out of patience!  If you get distracted with all your to-dos and forget to look your children in their eyes and delight with them in the smallest of things.  If you feel hopeless to ever have clean clothes or a clean home.  We all have been there and will likely be there again most days.  

BUT, we can renew to remember over and over again to have those moments to get on all fours, to work along side them, to laugh and squeal over their excitements, to take them with us to help others, to turn to prayer and the word of God, to try again when we make mistakes, to show them a deep love for learning...

They are watching us.  And I know, as we partnership with God, we will be their greatest strength and most powerful example - through all the bad and all the good!