Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exits & Entrances

Last winter our 3-year old got into the habit of yelling “Don’t’ Slip!” each morning as my husband braved the snow and ice.  Even in the hot summer months, she’d still race down the stairs to make sure to blurt out “Don’t Slip!” and throw her little arms tightly around his neck and touch thumbs while saying “BFF!” Once at the end of church one Sunday, our little daughter even yelled out “Don’t Slip!” to this 90-year old sweet woman with a walker and oxygen tank.  It was an awesome moment.

And three little people with noses and eyes smashed up against the window are happily clamoring for Daddy as soon as the door swings open, even our little baby starts kicking and smiling!  It’s like Christmas morning!  And other days there are kicking and screaming all around as the door swings open.  But… my kids inspire me to RE-DEDICATE MORE EFFORT AND ATTENTION AND EXCITEMENT TO OUR COMINGS AND GOINGS.  

Our good friend is getting his PhD in Marriage & Family therapy and he explained one of his professor's advice.  This marriage professor said whenever he'd step through the door, their family dog would go crazy - running around in circles, barking loudly, jumping up and down - that dog was so eager and excited for him to come home!  In this professor's marriage they now have a joke about trying to "Beat the Dog," meaning they try to show even more excitement than the dog about each other's arrivals :).

Some days I am watching the clock and so ready for my husband to come home and rescue me!  I often want to shove our cute kids into his arms and then fall down right there and sleep!  Or maybe all the worries from work or the stresses of life bog you down during these critical, important moments when your paths cross.

Just think.. how can I make it special when my spouse and I meet up for the first time each day or say goodbye in the morning?


  1. You know, this principle can be applied in a million different scenarios... I am grateful there are selfless souls who have taught me this and shown me love even in my worst moments. Not sure if there's anything more powerful than that... Love you!

  2. AMEN! My husband and I have to work everyday to CHOOSE not to take offense or get growly! I love this principle! it makes all the difference!!! I love your blogs! Keep writing and inspiring me to be better! Melissa

  3. I appreciate the story about working with Bradyn- you're a wonderful example!

  4. This was such a beautiful post!! Thank you!

  5. Yes you are right.. as my life experience too, it is the hardest thing to do, love without expecting nothing. But it is the greatest thing of the human behavior forever.. Thanks a lot. you serve the humanity

  6. I admire the way that you are living your life, in a way that makes everyone much more happier including yourself, eventhough I'm sure it is hard at times. What I would like to ask, is for a little advice in this topic. I read the post about Bradyn and it is very inspiring and informative for me, because I am trying to live this way to be most happy and have the ones around me feel most loved. However, I am in a relationship going on for a long time now, and we of course have our spats now and then. What I would like to ask is how to act instead of re-act in a situation with my significant other when we are having an argument. Because, as for kids, the post you made with Bradyn, you obviously cant talk that way with adults sometimes because they could take it more offensively, feeling like they are being treated as a child or it being a sarcastic response.
    In what ways, in any argumentative situation, would I beable to respond without causing the argument to grow more?
    Anyones advice and opinions are welcome :)

    1. When you respond during an argument, REMEMBER that you LOVE him. If you choose not to remember this and/or you won't let that feeling help you to respond positively about what is happening, don't. Take time away from one another to think and calm down if necessary before talking things over so that you can do so like two mature adults.

  7. You but so much heart into each word! Your blog inspires me. Thank you!