Friday, October 12, 2012

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom...

Life for me right now feels a lot like Bill Murray's Groundhog's Day... every day is the same.  Lots of this...  (whew, it's actually sorted here!)
and this...

and pouts... lots of pouts

Cleaning out the ETERNAL GRIME ... I will not post a picture of this.

and cleaning up this cute adorable face... :)

and handling melt downs...

and wiping this...

and trying to get them to eat things...

and reading the same cute book for the umpteenth time :)...

and needing more of this... that is actually having time to shower and get ready :) haha

and EVERYONE needing a whole ton more of GOOD SLEEP...  oh what am I ever going to do about that?!  And yes that is chocolate frosties all over them.

and oh the WORRY of a mother... I'm often stressed about something - how am I going to help a child through a certain issue, how are we going to get through the day...

 and I wish more of this... :) This happens to be a cute happy hug even though it looks like a death grip.

 So I'm thinking the answer is just I should never have to sleep!  Wouldn't that be such a gift to mothers?!  Anywho, here's some more confessions of HOW I COPE:

1. We CAN'T "STAY AT HOME" :)  Right now, havoc breaks out when we're home for too long.  My kids do SO much better OUT OF THE HOUSE... at a park, anywhere outside, exciting museums, a fun kid's place...  They don't usually fight as much or have nearly as many tantrums when we're OUT doing "kids" stuff.  It's a mother's therapy - and kids' therapy.

2. Sometimes just FORGET IT ALL, and LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  For me right now, I don't think having a continually clean home is anywhere near realistic.  I've tried :).  I think there's hope in just dropping it all for a while (when we can't fix or control it then anyways) and focusing on being happy and making your kids happy.  Last night, it was 9pm and the kids were still awake.  And... the house was a complete mess.  And... I was about it tears a few times yesterday with being completely overwhelmed as a mother.  And... I really needed to shower.  BUT... I found myself sitting on our messy kitchen floor and just laughing hysterically with my kids.  Hailey was randomly stuffing bread in my mouth :)  My tired self relished in the giddy happiness in their faces, and I guarantee we'll all remember that...


  1. Love this. I can relate to so much of this post (especially the overwhelmed part). We are heading out soon to our play group, which also usually means less drama for us as we get out of the house. I hope your day is filled with more cuddles than drama today. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Mindy! Thank you for posting things like this. The bad moments seem to take over my memory and I forget the happy ones. Need to remember to be happy and let THEM be happy, even if it means a mess. Or reading the same book a million times. Sigh! Motherhood!

  3. I understand overwhelm having had my 4 boys in 4 is only now that my youngest is 2 1/2 years old that I'm beginning to organise myself and feel on top of things! Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. So true - it all goes by so fast so forget the housework & cherish the moments with the kids :)