Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pumpkin Study

For halloween our zoo hides pumpkins in each of the Aquarium's displays - so fun!  It worked out because they each choose "ocean" for their story's setting.  It's just more fun to write their stories at the actual setting!    
Pumpkin Pancakes... THIS RECIPE is seriously the BEST EVER!  It will change your life.

Writing Center with our "Author Chair" - love this idea from his kindergarten teacher.  I think lots of teachers do this too...
This website has some fun free printables...
Pumpkin bowling...

We wondered where the canned pumpkin comes from, so we followed Pioneer Woman's instructions!  You have to use Pie Pumpkins, and I think canned pumpkin tastes better and is WAY easier :)

With our pumpkin, we made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (with this yum recipe).  I got out all the ingredients on the list so he could look on the actual items to see the spelling.

You could even get out the actual measurements for them to see how much and how to spell.

Our favorite part was eating chocolate chips and the end of that long list!
There's all sorts of fun ways to teach the pumpkin life cycle on pinterest.  
We are in LOVE with Gail Gibbons books (she's an author).  She has 90 different educational book titles, so whatever you're studying she probably has a book about it!!

My little people started asking questions about trees as we talked about how gigantic trees grow from tiny seeds.  Our favorite "tree park" is covered with bike trails lined with a slew of different kinds of trees all labeled!  So we started a leaf/seed collection...

Me trying to snap pictures with one hand while nursing Jack on the sand haha!  We are such a mess but we all survive somehow.
I had forgotten that each ring represents a different year of the tree's life.
Did I tell you how much I LOVE Gail Gibbons books?!  They're awesome.
You could make a leaf book and laminate each of the different kinds of leaves!  I think it may have broken my laminator, but it was worth it :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Story of the World: Ancient Egypt!

 Mummifying a Chicken!  
 Holding the heart in their hands... the Egyptians would take out all the organs but leave the heart.  They believed they would need it in the after life.
 Filling the cavity with salt to dry it out.  

Our Egyptian get-up... old white pillow cases, cereal box necklaces with painted pasta and spray-painted golden crowns with glued on pumpkin seeds.  Wow, that sounds really intense but it was fun. 

Making papyrus... a total flop.  Didn't work at all and just was a huge mess!  Just imagine glue EVERYWHERE - and of course we had to run out the door before being able to clean up haha!
"Upper Egypt" was actually south of "Lower Egypt" because the Nile River flowed south to north, higher to lower.  They won't remember any of this, but the goal is that they learn -  Egypt is super cool!

 Scavenger hunt at our Art Museum which led to an Egyptian piece.

What Jack is doing through all of this... He's not always smiling but man, his dimples are cute!

 So B wanted to do a scavenger hunt for Daddy which led to an Egyptian Hieroglyphic note!

 FREE PRINTABLES that go along with tons of topics at

Seeing which animals used to live in Ancient Egypt's Nile River... Hippos and Crocodiles!

"Writing Center" - got this fun idea from B's great Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Dorsey (he was in school for a month)

Pyramid Pancakes...

And just to keep it real after all these fun pictures... the LOADS OF LAUNDRY madness continues :)

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