Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Children's Bookshelf - with book covers showing

One of my dreams has recently come true... I finally made the kids' bookshelf that displays the front covers!  Brayden and Hailey already read so much more these days so the effort and costs were totally worth it.  

Just imagine if this bookshelf was mounted on a beautifully painted, non-cyderblock wall and was not painted with cheap white paint that I got for $1 :).  Wouldn't it look amazing?!  I got all the wood supplies at Lowe's for just under $30:

-Backboard (we bought white beadboard, but I think a plain wood might look better)
-6 dowels 1/2 inch in diameter. We just predrilled the holes on two sides to fit the dowels.
- 1 x 4in x 6ft (it's really 3/4 in. rather than 1 in.) wood boards
-2 in wood screws and wood filler to fill in the screw holes

You just make up your own plan for your desired dimensions and then have Lowe's cut all the pieces for you.  This blog post inspired me to create this DIY bookshelf and she got the idea from Pottery Barn Kids.
Her bookshelf is square which actually looks even better.  She cut four pieces to be 35 3/4" (top and bottom and both sides) and two 34 1/4" (for middle shelves).

Ok, so my bookshelf doesn't look anything like this Pottery Barn one... which is kind of depressing :), but oh well, at least my kids are reading more books now!  Some moms put out all their checked out library books on the display or others put out themed books depending on what time of the year it is... christmas books during December, books about love in February...