Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's Bedtime

We all survived.  12 hours, stuck inside, no car, running on 6 hours of sleep (3 increments of 2 hours at a time).  It's now "bedtime" and I turned to my sweet, supportive husband and said "I'm done."  I'm done means can you put the 2 kids to bed while I nurse the babe then put her in the car seat which she strongly dislikes so I can go grocery shopping?! :)  I'm done means I'm past the point of niceness and patience that it would be a swell idea for me to leave!  A mommy is never really "done" but sometimes we just need little breaks.  I know it's pretty adventurous to grab some milk for my "moment" but I will relish the fresh cold air and freedom.  I just watched this hilarious clip from my sis in law's blog.  Good luck to all you parents out there who miraculously seem to put all your dear little ones to bed once again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm just waiting for my kids to finally wake up so I thought I'd wish you all a Merry Christmas!  
We watched this video for family night last week.  It's a great reminder of the spirit of Christ and how learning to love and give as He did is what life is really about!  I sure hope and pray that I can teach them that!  Have a wonderful day with your families.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kangaroo Zoo

 I found a place where Brayden can jump and climb and and run to his heart's content!  It's easy to go bonkers when little boys are trying to do those things all over the house, but they desperately need it!  So I am forever grateful for "Kangaroo Zoo"... a huge place full of blow-up toys.  Brayden and Hailey were continually squealing with delight and happiness.  And... while I was supposedly "helping" Hailey, I had a little too much fun :).  It's hard with a little baby to jump in there and do everything with your older kids.  But with Penny sleeping by Daddy I thoroughly enjoyed finally playing with them - and I think they really loved that too.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Almost Trip to the ER

It's scary how much blood gushes from a head wound, but luckily little Hailey is okay!  Brayden and Hailey were running around laughing when she tripped and fell into the cinderblock corner.  We didn't want to put her under for stitches, so these butterfly band-aids worked their magic.  

We do "beauty parlor" together, so Hailey was excited to pamper up Grandma's dog!  She wanted to paint Scout's nails too.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What Matters Most

This movie makes me cry just about every time I watch it!  This is why I write and really, what life is all about.  We all have really bad days, days where we wonder how we are ever going to survive this emotion-packed adventure of life!  But there's those moments, and hopefully more and more of those moments when we do connect with others and see what matters most.  And what matters most is that our little families and those around us know that they are loved deeply and that their Savior loves them.

If I've had a terrible day or a day where I've felt like a failure as a mother or a day when I figure the house and laundry will never be clean... then I watch this.  And I re-vow to try again... to cherish and build the relationships I have with my hubby and kidlets a little more.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Latest Adventures

We bundled up and took a little trip to Temple Square to see the live nativity.  Hailey goes around everyday saying "Hailey Roo Roo, Mary" - since of course every little girl wants to be Mary.  Oh I wish you could hear her little voice - the cutest sounds in the whole world.  Just listening to her talk gets me through each day.  I've got to get that camera out more to capture her adorable words before she's all grown up.

Another day we went to the Festival of Trees (an expo center full of decorated Christmas trees) and Brayden had to find every single train set in the building!  My sis in law Tiffany's suzuki violin students were performing for the event so I tried to keep 3 kids happy during their show... which meant I bought a big fat crumbly cookie with thick pink icing and it was everywhere!  I think a few bites landed in their mouth.  Yikes.  Well, they were happy and listening.  Steve's family had all their girls go through Suzuki violin lessons starting at age 5ish.  So I had to take a picture of Hailey, cookie crumbs and all, getting giddy about playing the violin someday.

There's Tiff helping her cute little students get ready.  Those little girls just stare in awe at Tiff and say how they want to grow up to be just like her.  It seems that there's so much value in playing an instrument - even if the only outcome is they have a great teacher and mentor who loves them and inspires them!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Mother's Vacation

Steve just finished finals!!!  Wahoo!  So we have 2 days until he starts working full time until next semester starts.  He is such a gem and played with the kids while I had some personal time.  And guess what I did?!  I went to the grocery store ... alone!  I know sad, right?  But it was beautiful.  Going to the store with 3 little ones is great fun and all (like cleaning up cracked eggs off the floor) but I enjoyed a little moment to myself.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wise Men Gifts

Oh I LOVE this time of year - the glittering lights, hot chocolate, Christmas music, Santa fun, elfs on shelves, gingerbread houses, family parties, traditions,  gift-giving... 
And I desperately want for my kids to get what Christmas is all about.  I want them to come to know Christ as their Savior.  And I want them to feel of His love and share that love with others.
This picture was actually taken the very DAY Penny was born!  Haha, all that walking around probably put me into labor.  

 So, my wonderful sis-in-law Kristin just told me of the tradition they do of giving their kids
each Christmas morning!!  Their kids know to expect only 3  gifts from Mom and Dad ( well there's lots of ways to do it... Kristin's fam does 1 gift from Mom & Dad, 1 from Santa, and 1 sibling-exchange gift).  I think we're going to do 1 gift from Santa and 3 from us parents.  I just LOVE how you can teach how everything ties back to CHRIST!!  Isn't that the coolest idea?!

Another one of my dreams is the tradition of SECRET SERVICE.  At the beginning of December, each member of the family draws a name and you get to do secret acts of service for that person all month long.  Then, on Christmas morning everyone reveals who they had by giving a gift to their person!

And while I'm at it :), here's another one... right after Thanksgiving dinner I want to bring in a beautifully wrapped CHRISTMAS BOOK.  So one special, new Christmas book for each year.  Here have been some of our favs this year.  (Not all these are "Christ-centered" but they are about giving/loving :))