Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bye Bye to Busy Bliss... for now :)

Time is precious.  And so are these little dears.  This is just not my season to have a blog like this :).   It's causing me to be way too "busy" and stressed ironically.  Motherhood is sacrifice.  It is work (whew, is it work!), but it is the GREATEST WORK on earth!  What a great adventure it has been to have a voice for mothers who deeply desire to be intentional and to thrive in this most challenging, most paramount work!  I will forever cherish all the comments and the wonderful women I've meet through this blog.

With three kids three and under, I need less distractions (even the really good things) and more MOMENTS to focus on THEM.  This is my greatest life's work and I don't want to miss it!

I'll be posting from time to time to update  with pictures, but I leave you with my conviction that:

The greatest gift you can give your children is YOU.  If you're human than you're going to have really hard moments (even to the point of tears) but I believe that mothers can learn and grow and TRY AGAIN every day.  We truly have the most influential job on earth.  Choosing to have daily moments of teaching and connecting will be our greatest investment!  I hope we all can find JOY and our desperate need for CHRIST in the midst of all our motherly mayhem.

Maybe there'll be another season for me to spread my feelings through writing.  But here's the little dears that need MORE of me.  And Steve that includes you too babes :).

And here's my favorite video that reminds me what matters most.

Much Love,



  1. Oh! I completely understand your decision but will miss your posts! Hopefully you will find time when the kids are a little older to pick up where you left off!
    Wish you all the best and enjoy those precious little bubbas!!!

  2. I too will miss your blog and the uplifting things you posted. But I totally understand, I have 3 little ones too and time is so precious. It just goes by so fast! Thanks for everything :)

  3. And this is why you are so awesome. Choosing the BEST over good and better. I soo respect you and your blog because you are the REAL deal. You absolutely practice what you preach. I soo enjoyed learning from you! Thanks!! :-)

  4. I've enjoyed your blog, but I gave up blogging a couple years ago for this exact reason, and I have NEVER looked back. In fact, several times I've just felt so thankful that I did it. I know it's hard to give things up---even seemingly silly things like blogs, but you won't regret it. Good luck!

  5. Good luck with everything! You are so inspiring and you and your family are so beautiful. What a wonderful thing! ;) I'll miss reading about you, but I'm sure it will be worth it!

  6. Min!

    I think this is an awesome monumental step- congrats. I know it is equally as inspiring to see you leave, as it has been for me to read. Especially because you're leaving for all the right reasons. I'm proud of you!