Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pete the Cat BIRTHDAY Party!

My kids LOVE Pete the Cat books, so we had a Pete party for Hailey 2nd Birthday!  This website had super cute ideas (the first three pictures).  They went ALL out, and that kind of birthday party would totally stress me out to the max and cost a fortune, but you can check it out to get ideas :).  I just read the book "I Love My White Shoes" and when Pete stepped in the strawberries, we ate STRAWBERRIES.  When Pete stepped in the blueberries, we ate BLUEBERRIES.  When Pete stepped in the mud, we ate BROWNIES.  When Pete stepped in the water, we drank mini WATER BOTTLES.  It was fun and simple!!  My little Hailey is now 2, even though she tells every one she's "Five" :)  I adore that little lady of mine.

Here's the author telling the story live:

And here's our simple party :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cracker Crumbs & Delicious Dishes

This morning I woke up to "MOMMY!" shrills and I somehow wobbled my sleepy self out of bed to change diapers and begin the day.  As I entered the kitchen, I found two tall cups of spilled juices all over the table and coloring pages now stuck to it!  There are muffin crumbs scattered all over the floor and mountains of dishes.  It's delicious.  I didn't quite squeeze in a shower before the kids woke up but ready or not, here we are!  I just need like 5 more hands :).  I'm not sure which laundry baskets are clean and which ones are dirty since it's almost impossible to put all the loads away.  So, we end up digging through clean clothes and hope to find what we need!  Somehow we'll survive :).  I often dream of when the kids are all tucked in and I can clean the WHOLE house and figure out some super-momish fun things to do.  But then night comes, and I'm usually completely tuckered out!

On days like this I just want to leave on vacation and play with my kids!  But then we'd have to pack up our whole house and then come home and unpack our whole house.  So on second thought, I think Tinkerbell may be our saving grace.  I secretly thoroughly enjoy watching those movies.  

If you too have crumb-covered feet and feel like this...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!  I know you are a rockin' awesome mom who has hard days but somehow knows how to get down on all fours, forget your woes momentarily, and laugh with your kids!  Hmmm... maybe we can rock out to fun music and get everyone to have clean up party.  Or maybe Hailey can "help" me do dishes - she loves doing that.  But eventually, the answer just may be... Tinkerbell :)  

Friday, January 11, 2013

When Mommy's Having a Melt-Down

There's days where all we can see is where our kids struggle.  And on those days we likely are having melt downs and tantrums along with them!  Of course little ones have TONS to learn, but whew - I just need help to find perspective and patience in those moments!  When we're coming out of a melt-down, I find an ounce of hope when I see the "genious" within them.     

Like my little Brayden ... Did I tell you how much we LOVE these magformers and play with them EVERY SINGLE DAY?!  It's so cool when you start to see the genious inside a child.  We all readily know what our kids aren't good at and what drives us a bit bonkers.  I'm so grateful that they each have seeds of greatness within them.  Kids are like puzzles and we've get to study them to try to figure them out.  

I'm learning that Brayden is incredibly gifted at spacial awareness and building things.  He's bursting with creativity when I give him these magnets, and he's always counting everything around him.  He just might be a budding engineer!  Our little people are full of strengths and at the same time of course they are full of struggles which sometimes we just don't know how to handle.  Like when our kids pout and whine... even with brilliant "love & logic" and any other parenting trick we've got, it seems like we deal with the same problems every single day.  Maybe it's just that it's a "stage" or maybe their progress grows slowly sometimes that it's hard to realize.  But I do think it's our special work to find the BEST in them and BRING THAT OUT!!  ...and hopefully we can help them work through their "worst" (mine included!).


He has even learned to store his creations up high so Hailey can't break them... now that's genious.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bring the SNOW inside

 With a little baby, you can't just run out in the snow everyday to play.  So, we decided to bring the snow indoors!  Brayden lasted for about 2 seconds, but Hailey loved it!  Put some gloves, snow pants, and jacket on, and they're ready to party!