Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Homeschool Math Curriculum Review: Math u See and Right Start Math Games and Life of Fred

We've tried all sorts of things for math... Saxon workbooks, 10s and 1s math manipulatives, worksheets online, playing yahtzee... but our very favorite curriculum has for sure been MATH U SEE.  I love how each child can go as quickly or slowly as they need.  It's mastery based and has great cumulative reviews at the end of each lesson.  They watch a 3 minute video of the lesson, and then build it, write it, say it.  My kids have LOVED it.  They pretty much do it on their own and parent is there to answer questions and check their work.

My kids have grown SO much in math just in the last year we've used Math u See, and right now they are ready for a little break (double digit multiplication may need to wait a bit for my 2nd grader), so we're really enjoying RIGHT START MATH GAMES I bought in a kit.  There's over 300 games to play ranging to all sorts of varying math levels.  That way they are still reviewing and having lots of fun too.  I'm sure we'll be back at Math U See as soon as we're ready.  

Oh my goodness we've really loved the hilarious MATH series Life of Fred! So grateful my good friend told me about it! I personally don't see this at all as a comprehensive math curriculum but more as a fun supplemental to encourage them to learn math while ENJOYING it.

I've also heard great things about Teaching Textbooks, but I haven't tried it yet!

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