Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Heaven Sees in You

Today in Young Women's, the Beehive teacher (Lesa, I love you!) taught the lesson about how we are daughters of God.  As she played this video slideshow "What Heaven Sees in You," it brought me back to a flood of feelings.  I know that we lived with God before coming to earth and there we grew so close to our Heavenly Father and we stood valiantly in testifying of Jesus Christ and also of our true identity and purpose.   I was shocked to see one of my bridal pictures in this video - how funny!

Life as a woman is so beautiful and rewarding, but it is also super challenging at times.  Some suffer through miscarriage, others long to be married, all seek to understand their personal gifts and how to contribute, some go through divorce or losing a loved one physically or spiritually, others who are mothers want to pull out their hairs in frustration or worries at times.  I think the purpose of life is to have relationships, while going through trials and also much happiness, and to therefore rediscover our relationship with God.  Whatever myriad of struggles we may be currently facing, there is hope and personal revelation from a loving, all-knowing, all-powerful Heavenly Father who has provided a Savior and the Spirit to comfort and guide us at every moment.

In the midst of motherly mayhem, we can find ourselves in a rut, at times totally worn out and discouraged.  But, we were born to do this, even before we came to this earth, to have family experiences and to raise these special children of Heavenly Father.  He knows us and knows our struggles and needs.  I know as we turn to Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ that we will receive the forgiveness, the grace, and the vision to fulfill this most important work - each with our unique strengths!    When I lose my patience and perspective, I LOVE re-watching this video over and over again!  ...


  1. Your picture was beautiful!! How awesome that it was timed perfectly with the words in the song about a beautiful, pure, white dress!!! I love what you wrote about our lives being meant for relationships! You live by that, Mind!!! This post strengthened my testimony! Love you!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this Mindy. I don't know if you remember me, but we were in the same ward in the Elms a number of years ago (I stumbled across your blog through other Elms friends' blogs). The messages in the videos and the ones you shared truly touched me and were an answer to my prayers.

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Kaylene (Barrett) Polley

  3. Golly, Mindy, I hope you know what a wonderful woman you are! You are so beautiful and strong and amazing and interesting and smart and kind. You are an example of the Savior to everyone you meet. You are not the type that people put on a pedestal, unreachable and and intimidating, you are the type that people want to gather close to them, and never let go. Your friendship has meant so much to me. I am better for knowing you. I want to be like you someday.