Best Books

I absolutely adore this book by Linda Eyre (founder of "Joy School") and her daughter Shawni.  I love everything by the Eyres and recommend many of their books.  "A Mother's Book of Secrets" is full of practical parenting ideas and also a beautiful perspective on motherhood.  Whenever I want quick inspiration, I pick up this book and read a page or two.

Positive Discipline is like my parenting bible.  The authors have a different book for each age group.  It's a fabulous resource to understand your children's development and to empower you with important tools as well as a vision.
CLICK HERE to ready their ideas about teaching children to SHARE!

I love how John Gottman (renowned psychologist) explains how to treat our children's emotions and then how to teach appropriate behavior.  This is a must read!
"Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" is also by Tracy Hogg.  This book in a particular has been a great quick reference to various issues like eating and sleeping.  I love her E.A.S.Y. routine.

The philosophy of Love & Logic is BRILLIANT and helps us instill personal responsibility and ownership in our children.  It also gets great results while still being empathetic.  

I love Merrilee Boyack's emphasis of teaching independence because this is what instills lasting self-confience.  She includes a full blown list of what to teach children at every age.  She also has a chapter on teaching kids about money... fabulous ideas.  This has shaped the way I view my role as a parent.
CLICK HERE to ready about Boyack's ideas on training your children to work!
CLICK HERE to ready about her ideas on allowance and teaching about money!

This message can completely change your heart and how you interact towards everyone on a daily basis.  It is a must read that can dramatically improve the quality of your marriage and relationships in general.  It goes much deeper than just surface communication tools and people skills.

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  1. I have read many of these, and am ordering or getting the rest from the library this week! Thanks for posting!